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Corporate Magic Show


Are you stressed over what to do about entertainment for your big event?

Consider the easy solution that the event planners below used. Comedy Magician Michael Douglas is available to entertain your guests with an audience approved corporate magic shows.

Just What Are Options For A Magic Show At A Corporate Event?

The format for your event, the number of guests, and the time allotted for entertainment all influence the type of magic that will best suit your needs when using a corporate magic show for your entertainment. Below are the typical options.  Click Contact Michael at any time to get a quote for your event.

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Corporate Magic Show

Corporate Magic Show – Brinks with Ernst & Young 1

After Dinner Comedy Magic Show (read more)

This show is a Stand-up Comedy Magic Show and is best suited when you have a larger group of guests (15 or more) that will all be watching the show at the same time. It generally requires a public address system, good lighting, and possibly a stage or riser. This format is best suited for after dinner or when guests will not be eating. My show includes comedy mind reading which is also known as mentalism. It also includes magic tricks and comedy gags. During the show, I use a number of volunteers to assist me in making the magic happen. I commonly use larger props for my Comedy Corporate Magic Show to make it easier for people seated at a distance to also enjoy the magic. However, this is not a grand illusion show with lots of big boxes for tricks.  Programs can last anywhere from 20 minutes to over one hour depending on your requirements. While the stage shows are, by nature, not as interactive as close-up magic I have worked hard to ensure that audience involvement is still maximized. 

Corporate Magic Shows

Corporate Magic Show with Dr. Byrd

“Michael was certainly the hit of the evening at our dinner. My boss bragged about him to everyone the next morning – employees and patients alike! I would definitely invite him to perform again at any of our company functions and recommend him highly. Thanks for making me look good Michael!”

Debra Paulhus
Dr. Richard Byrd DDS

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Walk-Around Magic (read more)

This style of magic is so named because I would stroll through your event and join clusters of 3-5 people who are talking. I introduce myself and then share a few minutes of mind-blowing-in-their-hands-jaw-dropping-comedy-magic. From there, I move on to another group. Click this link for more on Walk-Around Magic.

“Michael was a great addition to our event. He was very professional and we received lots of great feedback from our guest and staff. I would highly recommend him for your next event.”
Chad Ogden, CineBistro – Dinner Theatre

Trade Show or Attraction Magic (read more)

Attraction Magic is designed to draw a crowd to the location where I’m performing. This format is more commonly used as a feature at a festival, Trade Show, or open house where people pass by my booth, table or riser. This type of magical entertainment allows me to gather a crowd and then present a Corporate Magic Show that can simply entertain or additionally promote your business and generate leads for your sales staff. My professional yet bold approach gathers spectator attention. Your company’s product or service is woven through the magical presentation as the prospects interact with me and the magic. I then introduce and transition their attention to your sales team.

“Hi Michael.  Everyone spoke very highly of your performance and was impressed with the magic you performed. I personally enjoyed it very much. Several of our folks came to me afterwards and spoke very positively of you and your magic show. Our Regional President also expressed his pleasure in your performance. We all enjoyed the interaction between you and our attendees.

I have already passed along one of your business cards to our local administrative assistant as she books events for the Richmond office and I suggested to her that you would be a good choice for entertainment.”

Diana L. Lane
The Hanover Insurance Group

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Click this Contact Michael link (fastest way) or call 503-714-1268 for a simple NO Obligation, NO Pressure phone call that can take a load off of your mind.  You’ll get more information, and if you are ready, you can actually book an audience tested, spectator approved comedy corporate magic show by Magician Michael Douglas.

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