What geographic area do you serve?

I serve the cities of and the counties around Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredricksburg, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Williamsburg, the Tidewater area, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and beyond.

Do you require a deposit?

When your program is booked you will be sent a show confirmation, at which time a deposit is required to secure the date. I’d be skeptical of someone who doesn’t ask for a deposit. If you’ve NOT provided partial payment then they have LESS of an obligation to show up for your event. Some performers will cancel a date to take a higher paying show somewhere else. When you secure your date with me, you can rest assured I’ll show up AND be there on time.

How far in advanced should I contact you to reserve a date?

You should call as early as possible. I book a lot of shows and sometimes have bookings months in advance. To avoid disappointment, contact me once you have a date and time confirmed for your party so I can check my calendar and block out your date. If you only have a tentative date or are unsure of the time, contact me anyway so that I don’t book someone else in a time slot that you may want.

Are you a member of any nationally recognized magic organizations?

YES! I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Is your show GUARANTEED?

YES! If you can look me in the eye at the end of a show and honestly tell me that your guests were not laughing and enjoying the magical entertainment, then you owe me nothing. I Guarantee that the price you pay will more than deliver a fantastic Magic Show where all of your guests will have a great time. That’s GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Are you reliable and will you arrive on time?

YES! I think your event is very important and I WILL BE THERE ON-TIME (actually early) and ready to entertain you and your guests.

Have you been performing magic very long and how busy are you?

YES! I was paid to perform my first birthday show when I was 14 years old. My love and passion for Magic grew over the years and now I am booked for several shows every week. That means book your show early to make sure no one else gets the time slot that you want.

How much do you charge?

Prices depend on which package you are interested in, your location, the length of time needed, etc. My prices are very competitive, but I do not guarantee that I have the lowest price. I provide a professional quality show that sometimes involves thousands of dollars worth of props. I’ve also invested an untold number of hours to develop and practice my Magic routines.  I aim to deliver a top quality show that audiences consistently find funny and awe inspiring for each and every performance. You may be able to find a lower priced Magician, but you’ll have trouble finding the value that I offer.  For a price quote, please use the Contact Michael page (fastest), or call me at 804-852-6691.

Do you perform outdoors?

YES. However, if it is a type of show other than walk-around magic, then I strongly recommend that magic show should be indoors even if there are outdoor activities. Heat, bright sun, cold, rain, wind, noise, insects, and other distractions all can conspire to detract from the impact and value of the magic show. Even the slightest breeze will make silk handkerchiefs blow away and magic tables and tricks tip over. Also audiences tend to sit better and are more attentive when they are not being distracted by insects. If your situation requires an outdoor performance, I still may be able to perform but sometimes need to leave certain routines out of the show and replace them with more suitable routines for outdoor performances. Please note that dry and level ground is required for the show and will also be appreciated by your guests. If you are planning an outdoor party, be sure to have an indoor backup performance location in case of inclement weather. There may be an additional charge for shows held outdoors.

May I photograph or videotape the show?

Photographs are fine.  However, please do not video record the show.

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