Once In A Lifetime



During my years of performing magic, I frequently ask children and adults have they ever been to a real magic show? I don’t mean seeing a card trick from their weird Uncle Howard. I don’t mean seeing a magician on America’s Got Talent. I’m asking if they’ve seen a professional magician performing at a live event.

Most people answer no. Here are the places where they have seen a magician:

  • state or county fair
  • school assembly
  • library
  • cruise ship
  • birthday party

Less frequently, they’ll answer places like a restaurant or in Vegas. A few have seen a street performer.

So What?

Why am I even bothering to tell you about this? Because most of you at some point will be involved in helping to plan a social, community, or company event. When you do, of course you want to make the event unique and memorable.

A clear way to give the guests what is statistically to be a once or twice in a life time experience is to hire a professional magician.

A high quality magic performance is something that many of your guests have never seen or maybe only once when they were a kid.


What’s Next?

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