An Easy Solution for Entertainment is a Private Magic Show with Strolling Magician Michael Douglas

What is Strolling, Walk Around, or Closeup Magic?

I perform a type of magical entertainment called “closeup”, “strolling”, or “walk around” magic.  This style of magic uses small objects and is done within several feet of the audience.  Magicians perform many of these effects right in the hands of the spectators.  A strolling magician is ideal for events where guests will be mingling.  They can be standing or seated. I am often hired when people want a magician for a house party for adults, wedding magician, and anywhere people want a private magic show.

strolling magician for private magic show

Events suitable for a strolling magician include, company events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, and Mitzvahs. This includes when people want a magician for Christmas parties. People like you hire me to share closeup magic to help “break the ice,” get audiences involved, get them laughing, and keep their attention.  You will see your guests amazed as I perform minor miracles right before their eyes.

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What Props Do You Use?

With strolling magic, I use smaller props held in either my or a guest’s hands. These include coins, paper money, finger rings, cards, etc. The marvel of this style of walk is that the miracles happen right in front of your guest’s eyes and often right in their own hands.

Strolling Magic, has been popularized as Street Magic, and is suitable at the beginning of an event. This style of entertainment is ideal in a restaurant, wedding reception, or banquet setting where guests are seated. The magical merriment fits perfectly before the meal is served or at dessert time. Other settings that work well for closeup magic are gatherings where guests are standing, as in a cocktail party, picnic, or a queue line for entrance to an event.

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How Many People Per Hour Can I Entertain As A Strolling Magician?

My experience with walk around magic tricks has shown that the number of people that I can entertain varies from 40 to 80 people per hour. It depends on how many minutes I spend with each cluster of people and the size of those clusters. Generally those clusters are not more than six people. This means an event with 500 guests and a one hour cocktail hour would call for about six close-up magicians if you want to assure that each guest gets to experience the magic. The reality is that it is rare that a closeup magician can reach 100% of the guests without regard to the size of the event. This is so because some people show up late. Some guests are deeply engaged in conversation and it would be rude to interrupt them. Some are eating and a number of other reasons limit our ability to connect with every single attendee at an event even when there is ample time to do so. 

The Importance of Flexibility

You want to hire a magician that has the ability to scale the presentation up so that a larger number of people can enjoy the experience. The laughter and reactions of a small cluster like this sometimes attracts the attention of people elsewhere in the room. This can lead to that small cluster growing too large for everyone to see the smaller effects used with closeup magic.

To address this, I usually come prepared with a few effects that can play to a larger audience. This allows me to be flexible and adjust to the dynamics of the event at no additional cost to you. You won’t find that with very many other closeup magicians.

Walk Around Magic doesn’t have the technical requirements that a Stand-Up Comedy Magic Show would have like a stage, special lighting, a public address system, arranged seating, etc. It can start and stop almost instantly, and leaves a lasting impression on your guests due to the mysteries of magic happening in their own hands.

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As I listen to your needs, together we’ll create a Magical event that will make your special day a success. Use the button below or call 919-391-8113 You will receive a NO PRESSURE and NO OBLIGATION price quote and information to help create a fantastic guest experience.