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* Las Vegas Magic Show Reviews

* Upcoming Portland Area Magic Shows

* How to Make a Perfect Burger on the Grill

* Penn & Teller: The Biggest Names In Magic Invade Portland

Las Vegas Magic Show Reviews

Last month we were in Las Vegas for a few days. It was during the Salsa dance convention that they have each July. While there, we got to take in a few magic shows.

My wife and I saw Mike Hammer. He was hilarious. Plus strong magic to boot! He’d make it as a stand-up comedian even if he didn’t have skills in magic. Don’t pass up his show if you are in Vegas.

Next, I saw Nathan Burton… alone. In case you were wondering, most magician wives have an appetite for magic that is a bit more limited than their husband’s. Wow…Nathan… that guy stuns you with illusion after illusion in rapid succession. Solid show all around.

Lastly, Clara and I went to see magician Murray Sawchuck. Murray had some really clever audience interactions during the show had some interesting magic effects.

Which Vegas Magic Shows Would I Recommend?

The question is … when planning a Vegas trip with limits on either your time, cash, or interest in magic, then which show should you see?

In our two trips to Vegas, we’ve never been able to see Penn & Teller. But, we have seen the shows of David Copperfield, Mat Franco, and Mac King. Of all of these shows, my show recommendations would be in this order:

1) Mac King – great comedy magic
2) Mike Hammer – great comedy magic
3) David Copperfield – awesome grand illusion show
4) any of the others.


Got Salsa?
Wednesdays at 7pm you can find us at the the Day Music building, 5515 SE Foster Rd. in Portland. There is an intro Salsa class and social dancing until 10pm. Visit Salsa4Life.com for more info.
Thursday nights is another good time to take an intro Salsa Dance class at Santa Fe Taqueria at 9:30pm and catch me there for some close-up magic.

Magician Murray Sawchuck

Magician Mike Hammer


Upcoming Portland Area

Magic Shows

Sep 1

Magician Michael Douglas at IBU Public House

(details being finalized)

Sep 6 at 7:30pm

Magician Carey Heim at Kiggins Theatre


Sep 13 at 7:30pm

Magician Tony Oberio at Dave's Killer Magic Shop

Sep 14 at 7:30pm



Penn and Teller at Keller Auditorium

Oct 4 at 7:30pm


Variety Entertainer Henrik Bothe at Kiggins Theatre


Nov 1 at 7:30pm


Magician Charvet at Kiggins Theatre


Will You Be Grilling On Labor Day? 

How to Make a Perfect Burger on the Grill

There’s more than one way to cook a burger, and grilling up the seemingly simple sandwich has more steps—and pitfalls—than you might think. Here are some of my favorite tricks for make juicy, perfect burgers on the grill every time. (If you are sadly sans grill, don’t fret—you can still make smash burgers.)


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Penn & Teller:  The Biggest Names In Magic Invade Portland

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, Penn & Teller are huge in the magic entertainment industry. Their accolades span 40 years of performing. They have a show in Vegas that’s been running for 17 years at the Rio Hotel and Casino. They’ve had sold out shows on Broadway, world tours, 3 TV series. The current one is Penn & Teller Fool Us on the CW Network. On this show top magicians around the world try to fool Penn & Teller. In 2013 this comedy magic duo was awarded their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With all of that said, they are coming to Portland for one night only. September 14 at the Keller Auditorium. If you’re lucky you may still be able to buy tickets. I’ve got mine…. you’d better hurry.

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