Help for Event Planners

As I relaunched my web site to target entertaining with magic shows at private parties and corporate events I had a question.  I wanted to know just want should be the focus of my blog.  What should I post and for whom?   It quickly became clear that people who would most have a need for my magical entertainment are event planners and party planners.

With that target audience in mind I then asked what could I post to benefit them?  Of course they would need to know just how my magic shows would benefit their events.  That information is posted on the other pages of this site.  So what function could this blog serve?  I determined to use it to share information that would help planners in serving their clients and growing their businesses.

To that end, I intend to share information about the various aspects of event planning, resources to help in event planning, and information and inspiration to grow their businesses.  Over time, you can expect to see book reviews, web site reviews, articles, interviews, and more.

To be effective, I’ll need your input.  If something that I post resonates with you, please post a comment to let me know.  Even if you dislike a post, I need to know that also.  If you find a resource that helps your business, then please share it here.  Some of the things that I post will contain affiliate links that help cover the cost of maintaining this site.  I appreciate any support you provide by using the affiliate links to items that will benefit you or by clicking any advertising that is of interest to you.

Lastly, I’ll recommend that you check me out on Facebook (or if you prefer Twitter) to get quick info tips, magic updates, and motivational thoughts.

Until later….Michael