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Yup! That’s the name of one of Seth Godin’s books. This New York Times best seller was recommended by a number of people I interact with as I build my entertainment business. I mention it here because if you organize events for a living then you’d do well to read it. As far as that goes, it doesn’t matter if you manufacture products or provide some kind of customer service, just read it. Let me tell you why.

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Mr. Godin initially talks about how black and white cows, or brown cows are, well…ordinary. If you see cows often, then a cow would have to be unusual to catch your attention. Let’s say if it was the color purple…now that would stand out. People would stop and pay attention to a purple cow.

So what does this have to do with business? Well, what makes your business different from all of the others around you that offer the same product or service? If you’re pretty much the same, then why would people bother to buy from you? You’re nothing special. People pay attention to and spend money on business and products that are outstanding. Building a successful business comes from consistently delivering remarkably innovative products and fantastic customer service.

In Purple Cow, Seth shares a wealth of examples of businesses that have become remarkable by creating purple products and providing purple customer service. He goes on to give a number of helpful insights to help you consider how you can make your offerings outstanding.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this book or how you are innovating to make your business stand out among the crowd. Please post your comments below.

This book review was provided by Michael R. Douglas who is a comedy magician who entertains with magic shows at corporate events and private parties. For availability and pricing information, reach him at  Contact Michael.

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