Technical Program Requirements

Michael Douglas Magic Technical Rider

Technical needs vary with the context of his show. In order to give you the best performance possible, Michael Douglas provides the following information as minimum technical rider to his contract for a stage show:

Artist Requests:

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In this document you will find the technical requirements necessary to make the magic show go smoothly and successfully in your location. We kindly ask you to read through it, fill in the information requested, sign it and return it to your contact person. For any questions, please contact Michael Douglas at 804-852-6691

1. Stage

The stage needs to have a free performance area of at least 12 feet wide, 8 feet deep. The height of the stage should be in proportion to the size of the audience. See the table below.

Stairs need to be present on the front side of the stage. These will be used by members of the audience as well as by the performer.

An electrical outlet accessible from the stage for the PA system.

The set-up time for the show is 60 minutes. The breakdown time after the show is around 30 minutes. The show itself runs 45- 60 minutes based upon your need.

Stage: Stage or riser of at least 8’ x 12’ (12’ x 16’ or larger preferable). The performance area should be clear of obstructions such as podiums, cables, speakers, band or DJ equipment. Please provide stairs on the front (preferred) or sides of the stage for easy access to the audience.

Stage: The performance area should measure a minimum of 8′ wide by 6′ deep and be raised for visibility. If performance area is a platform stage, make sure they are securely fastened together with stairs that are centered and facing the audience. The performance area should be smooth, level, clean, and free of visual obstructions. Seating should be as close to the stage as possible (no dance floor between the stage and the audience). Seating should be in front of the stage (not wrapping around the sides or behind the stage).

Stage Equipment: Please have a small round/desert table (a standard cocktail round is sufficient) or similar sized table available

4 chairs onstage. They should be straight-backed, with no arms. The ideal chair is a stackable one, although folding chairs can work in a pinch.

Stage:  For audiences over 80 people, a raised platform at least 8′ x 12′ in size is recommended (prefer 12′ x 16′). The height should be appropriate for the audience size (approximately 9″ rise for every 100 people). Try to place the first row of seats within 3 feet of the stage. If other speakers are using a podium or lectern, place it off to one side, so Jim can walk in front of it. Jim does not use a podium.s

2. Dressing Room

A dressing room is required. It needs to have access to warm and cold running water, directly lit mirrors, an AC electrical outlet (220 or 110 volts), 4 chairs and a table.

The dressing room needs to be lockable and off limits to everyone except artists and their crew.

The path between the dressing room and stage needs to be clear of obstacles and out of sight of the public.

Dressing Room: Michael Douglas prefers a room with access only to performers and show personal in which to get ready. This room is preferably near the performance area and near and restroom with a mirror.

Room Access: Please have the room available at least 60 minutes before the audience arrives

3. Catering

Catering is not required. However, please supply a quantity of three bottles of water on the stage.

4. Lighting

The house lights will be used when there is action in the audience.

A top lit special in white, on the stage, audience left side. (Please see the attached drawing.)

Lighting: The show is highly interactive, so it is important that Michael can see the audience from the stage. For most shows, ambient house lighting and a light stage wash work perfectly. House lighting works fine for corporate events without a dedicated lighting team.

The existing room lighting is usually adequate. If available, please provide a warm stage wash and two spotlights with operators.

General stage wash. Most action will take place in center stage; spotlights should be focused center. Jim’s programs are not designed for low light situations. If projection is used (see below), the lights should be shuttered off the projection screen.

Lights: A general wash with lights being brighter on Michael and slightly darker in the audience if available.

General lighting on stage, warm white plus some blue and red filters.

House lights over the audience.

5. Sound System

A professional sound system of 4 to 6 KW needs to be present. The performer will bring wired/wireless microphones and an iPad.

Sound: An appropriate sound system should be provided. One XLR input and one Stereo input to main system. This is to plug one UHF Wireless Microphone and an iPod player through a DI box into your system. If a sound engineer is available for set up, that is preferable.

Sound System: A quality sound system capable of mixing 3 channels of voice and music. I will need access to electricity near the stage.

  • Channel 1: I bring my own Sennheiser wireless system with a Countryman headset microphone with an XLR output.
  • Channel 2: I bring my own remote controlled MP3 player with a 1/8″ output and an adaptor to make it an XLR output.
  • Channel 3: Please provide a microphone on a stand for the person who reads my introduction.

Microphones: Michael needs a hands free, lapel style microphone.  He can use one you provide or he can bring his own which plugs into the house PA system. It is recommended that you have a different microphone for other speakers and/or the person introducing Jim.

The artists will come with iPods and microphones. They will be control these themselves.

They need to be put backstage on the stage left (audience’s right) side.

To plug into your system they will need 4 XLR (balanced) cables and a clean power source for sound (220 or 110 volts) in the stage left wing.

6. The Public

Because of the ‘magic’ aspect of the show, the audience must be located on the front side of the stage only. Unauthorized persons and/or members of the audience are not allowed backstage at any time.

Please refrain from putting seats directly to the sides of the stage. Most importantly, do not separate the audience from the stage with a dance floor. If there will be a dance floor, please put seats or temporary tables there to move the people in the back of the room closer to the stage.

7. Videos & Photos

Video of the show is not allowed. That includes video taken by cell phones. The Organizer is responsible for warning the audience of this fact. In cases of violation, the performer in cooperation with the Organizer and security personnel, are authorized to confiscate any unauthorized video recordings made of the show.

8. Difficulties

If you see any difficulties with meeting the technical demands of this Rider please contact the performer as soon as possible in order that a solution might be found. Thank you!

9. The Signature

The Organizer of the event is kindly requested to fill in the information below, sign it, and return it to the performer.

I, the Organizer, do herby declare to be in accordance with all the conditions set forth in this Rider and in the case of problems or deviations I will make contact Michael Douglas and/or his representative.

Organizer’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: ___________________________ _

Contact Person at the Location (if different than the Organizer): __________________________________

Telephone No. of the Contact Person: _________________________ Mobile: _______________________



10. Others

Program Timing: From experience, the best time to start the program is immediately following desert service. If there will be awards presentations or speeches lasting over 10 minutes, please schedule these AFTER the show for best results.

Load In: The venue should be available for load in 1 hour prior to the show and the sound tech should be available for a mic check 45 minutes prior to the show.

Access: Please have the space and technicians available 90 minutes before show time to do a sound and lighting check.

Lodging: Purchaser to provide one nonsmoking double hotel room for the night of performance and/or the evening before, depending on time of performance. If you cannot provide hotel, please add $100 to payment.


For some programs, Michael will need a projector for Power Point slides. Please call prior to the program to see which, if any, will be needed.

For half and full day training sessions, please provide a flipchart with markers.

Any Questions, Michael can be reached at 804-852-6691.